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Available in RedCrab PLUS

  • Creates a 3D surface or a wireframe plot
  • Surface ([x, y], z, [rescale])
  • Surface(z)
Displays the matrix data graphically
  • Surface(z, id)
Displays the matrix data in the surface box with the specified id number
  • Surface(x, y, z)
Displays the data of a matrix or vector graphically at the specified X/Y positions
  • Surface(x, y, z, "Rescale")
The scale of the axes can be rounded with the option Rescale
  • Surface(z) displays the surface of a matrix
  • Surface(x, y, z) displays the surface of a matrix and scales the axes x and y equal to the parameter
  • Z can be specified a vector instead a matrix. The X and Y positions must specified in this case

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