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Display of Units of Measurement

  • The support of units of measure can be changed in the menu Settings-> Tools 
  • If you use units of measurement in your calculation, the result is displayed in the unit that was entered on the right in the expression.
  • In addition you can specify a different unit of measurement for a math box

  • Type the prefered name into the textbox on the toobar

  • This unit of measure is displayed only, if they are compatible with the result. Otherwise the specification is ignored

  • Also it is possible to define a preferred unit of measurement for a specified variable name

  • Open the dialog box with double click on the formula symbol (The "x" in the example below)

  • This procedure is recommendable for frequently used names. You can save the name in the "RedCrab" settings

See also: Unit of measurement - Individual format - List of units of measurement


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