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Prefix mode
  • In Prefix mode the result is written with SI prefixes instead of exponents

  • For example, an electrical current of 0.001ampere, is written by using the SI-prefix m (milli) as 1m

  • If the mode Prefix auto is selected, the result displays with the prefix, which corresponds to the exponent

  • Read here how you use other prefixes

  • The following example shows the same result with exponent and with a prefix
  • The SI prefixes are standardized by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (IBWM)

  • The list below shows the prefixes which RedCrab used

Y Yotta 1024   Quadrillion Septillion
Z Zetta 1021   Trilliarde Sextillion
E Exa 1018   Trillion Quintillion
P Peta 1015   Billiarde Quadrillion
T Tera 1012   Billion Trillion
G Giga 109   Milliarde Billion
M Mega 106 1.000.000   Million  
k Kilo 103 1000   Thousand  
m Milli 10-3 0,001   Thousandth  
μ Mikro 10-6 0,000.001   Millionth  
n Nano 10-9 0,000.000.001   Milliardth Billionth
p Piko 10-12 0,   Billionth Trillionth
f Femto 10-15 0,   Billiardth Quadrillionth
a Atto 10-18 0,   Trillionth Quintillionth
z Zepto 10-21 0,   Trilliardth Sextillionth
y Yokto 10-24 0,   Quadrillionth Septillionrh


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