RedCrab Calculator

Table displaying
  • Single-column lists are displayed vertically by default setting

  • The button List on the toolbar changes the orientation to horizontal

  • Tables are displayed in a separate frame 

  • Large tables are displayed only partially with a scroll bar and optional numbering

  • The frame can be enlarged with the mouse


The Toolbar  

  • The toolbar shows the usual 4 buttons for frame handling, a text field with the name of the displayed variable and two additional menu buttons described below

  • The Header menu changes the display of rows and column numbering

  • Auto displays row and column numbering for larger tables only (default) 
  • None displays no numbering
  • All displays always a numbering
  • The Background menu changes the background of the table

  • Transparent displays the background  transparent
  • White displays a white background
  • Rows shows a line-wise colored background


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