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Individual formatting of Results
  • The toolbox format settings are operative for the results of the math box

  • In addition, RedCrab can format the results individually for formula synbols

  • For this, open the dialog box with double click on the formula symbol (The "P" in the example below)

  • The top left menu button sets the general format. The button to the right changed the prefix, if the general format Prefix is selected. The combo box on the top changed the decimal places.

  • In the edit line Format you can input extended result symbols or text. In the example above (#W) the rhombus (#) is the space for the result, the W represent the unit Watt. The chosen general format is Prefix. The display shows: 1.15kW.

  • Text extensions can be written left or right of the rhombus. The following table shows examples in general mode Prefix

  Results Format Text Result display
  0.012   12m
  0.012 #W 12mW
  0.012 Power:  # W Power: 12 mW
  125 US$ # US$ 125
  • In the input box Preferred unit you can input a preferred unit of measurement for this variable. For more information about this read the discription of Unit of measurement.
The check box Narrator enabled or disabled the voice output of the results. See also Narrator


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