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Div - division with remainder

Returns the result of dividing two integers. Any remaining is discarded. In other words, it is calculated how often the number b as a whole is contained in a.
  • Returns the result of an integer number division with remainder

  • If floating point numbers are entered, the Div operator cuts off all digits after the decimal point before executing the division Div


a div b


 7 div  3 =  2

-7 div  3 = -2

 7 div -3 = -2

-7 div -3 =  2

The function Div calculates only with integers. If decimal numbers are used as an argument, the decimal part is ignored

  • 11 Div 3 = 3

  • 11.2 Div 3.9 = 3

Weitere Informationen zu Division mit Rest finden Sie im Tutorial

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