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Mod - remainder of a integer division

  • Returns the remainder of the division of two integer numbers

  • If floating point numbers are entered, the Mod operator cuts off all digits after the decimal point before executing the division Mod

  • 11 Mod 3 = 2

  • 11.7 Mod 3.9 = 2

Dividing numbers with different signs also results in different signs for the results. In the following examples the mathematical division and the modulo function as they are integrated in computers are compared.

 7 :  3 =  2 Rest  1

-7 :  3 = -2 Rest -1

 7 : -3 = -2 Rest  1

-7 : -3 =  2 Rest -1

 7 mod  3 =  1

-7 mod  3 = -1

 7 mod -3 =  1

-7 mod -3 = -1


Modulo is the remainder of a Euclidean division. As a standalone feature, modulo is included in most programming languages. It is treated there as a function or operator, usually with the abbreviation mod or %.

In mathematics, it corresponds to the remainder of a division, as described under Euclidean division.
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