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Conjugate - calculate the conjugate


Each complex number has a conjugate. This conjugate complex number is needed in the division and other tasks.

As an example we take the complex number komplexe Zahl. For komplexe Zahlthe conjugate complex number Konjugiert komplexe Zahl The real parts of the two numbers are equal, the imaginary parts of the two differ only by the sign.


The function Conjugate computes the conjugate of a complex number

The conjugate of a complex number inverts the sign of the imaginary component


Conjugate (x)



Available in RedCrab PLUS

Arg Phase of a complex number
Complex complex from real numbers
Conjugate Compute the Conjugate
FromPolar Norm from polar coordinates
Im Gets imaginary component
Imag Gets a imaginary number
Magnitude Gets the magnitude
Plot Plot of complex numbers
Re Gets the real component

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