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Magnitude - gets absolute value

  • Gets the magnitude (or absolute value) of a complex number
  • Magnitude(x)
  • Magnitude(3+4i)=5

The Magnitude is equivalent to the absolute value of a complex number. It specifies the distance from the origin (the intersection of the x-axis and the y-axis in the Cartesian coordinate system) to the two-dimensional point represented by a complex number.

The absolute value is calculated as follows: | a + bi | = Sqrt (a2 + b2)

The Magnitude and the Phase define the position of a point that represents a complex number in the polar coordinate system. You can instantiate a complex number based on its polar coordinates instead of its Cartesian coordinates by calling the FromPolar function.

Available in RedCrab PLUS

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FromPolar Norm from polar coordinates
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Magnitude Gets the magnitude
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