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Cos (cosine)

  • Returns the cosine of the argument

  • Cos operates element-wise on arrays

  • For real values Cos returns values in the interval -1 to 1

  • The argument can be a real or complex value

  • Cos (real | complex)
  • Cos (vector)
  • Cos (matrix)
ACos Angle of the specified cosine
ACot Inverse cotangent  
ACsc Inverse cosecant  
ASec Inverse secant 
ASin Inverse sine
ATan Inverse tangent
Cos Cosine of the specified angle
Cot Cotangent of the specified angle
Csc Cosecant
Deg Convert radian in degrees
Rad Convert degrees in radian
Sec Secant of the specified angle  
Sin Sine of the specified angle
Sinc Sinc function 
Tan Tangent of the specified angle

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