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Vectors describe a direction and magnitude in a coordinate system. For calculations we use them as lists of numbers. But for understanding it can help to display them as geometric objects.
The vectorhas a magniutude

Equal Vectors

The following figure shows parallel vectors of equal length, direction and orientation. Since the location of a vector is arbitrary, these vectors are equal.

Opposite Vectors

Parallel vectors of equal length but opposite in orientation are called opposite vector

Parallel Vectors

Two vectors are called in parallel if they have the same direction. They can be different lengths and have opposite orientations.

Plot Vectors

A vector generally looks like this: or
  • The upper number is the x-coordinate and the lower the y-coordinate of the vector
To draw the vector (2, 3), move from its starting point 2 units on the x-axis to the right and 3 units on the y-axis to the top
The vector is uniquely defined by its direction and its length. However, it does not matter where the vector starts or ends.


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